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Clinical Trials

Australian Clinical Trials

  This website provides the search for the Australia and New Zealand Clinical Trials Registry and elsewhere.

Australian New Zealand Clinical Trials Registry (ANZCTR)

  ANZCTR is an online register of clinical trials being undertaken in Australia, New Zealand and other countries. This includes trials from pharmaceuticals, surgical procedures, preventive measures, lifestyle, devices, treatment and rehabilitation strategies and complementary therapies.

NHMRC Clinical Trials Centre 

  NHMRC Clinical Trials Centre provides information about clinical trials registration, research support, education and publications.

Cancer Trials

Australian Cancer Trials 

  This website provides information about the latest clinical trials in cancer care, including trials currently recruiting new participants.

Australia & New Zealand Breast Cancer Trials Group (ANZBCTG)

  The ANZBCTG conducts a breast cancer trials research program in Australia and New Zealand for the prevention and treatment.  Their website contains information about clincial trails are currently open.

Cancer Institute NSW

  This website provides the latest news, information and initiatives relating to cancer control in New South Wales, research grants and funding, cancer related data, prevention and treatment, and patient support.

Cancer Trials Network Office (CTN Office)

  The CTN Office conducts cancer clinical trials across the Northern New South Wales & Mid North Coast Local Health Districts.

Victoria Cancer Trials Link (VCTL)

  The VCTL database provides information about all cancer clinical trials being undertaken in Victoria, including diagnosis and treatment.

Databases & Search Engines

  APO is an open access evidence platform for Australian public policy and practice that makes public policy research visible, discoverable and usable. With over 40,000 resources, including specialist collections, grey literature reports, articles and data.

Google Scholar 


  VOCEDplus is a free international research database for tertiary education, especially as it relates to workforce needs, skills development, and social inclusion.


  Trove contains useful resources relating to Australia. It helps users to find the content from library, museums, archives, and other research organisations.

Trove archived websites

  Trove archived websites (1996-now) captures over twenty years of website snapshots with the .au domain. In the health section you can find archived consumer medicine information, better health channel fact sheets and more.

Drug Information 

Australian Drug Information Network (ADIN)

  The ADIN is Australia's leading alcohol and drug search directory. It includes reliable information on alcohol, other drugs and mental health, with links to treatment services, research, statistics, guidelines and policy, journals, events, and professional development opportunities and more.

Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA)

  The TAG website provides information about therapeutic goods available for supply in Australia which are safe and fit for their intended purpose. It contains regulation, information and education for consumers, health professionals and industry.

Indigenous Health

Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet

  This websites provides access to the online resources regarding practice and policy in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health. It includes transitional research, funding opportunities, programs and projects.

National Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation

Closing the Gap Clearinghouse

  This websites provides access to the evidence based materials on what works to close the gap on Indigenous disadvantage. It has a general collection of research, checklist and evaluation register and directories.

Lowitja Institute

Legal & Policy Information


  AustLII provies free access to Australasian legal materials. It contains Health Practitioner legal information of different States.

Australian Policy Online

   Policy Online is an open access database and alert service providing full-text research reports and papers, statistics and other resources essential for public policy development and implementation in Australian and New Zealand. It covers over 30,000 research resources and sourced from over 4,000 organisations and journals in Australia, New Zealand and internationally. 

Clinical Practice Guidelines Portal

  This Portal provides access to clinical guidelines developed for Australian health care settings. It provides information to help policy-makers and guideline devedlopment activites in Australia.

Palliative Care


 CareSearch is a comprehensive online database providing information about palliative care to support healthcare professionals, palliative patients, their carers, families and friends.


Agency for Clinical Innovation (ACI)

  The ACI's website provides a collaborative space for sharing and promoting local innovative improvement projects and resources from all healthcare organisations across NSW. It provides information and resource about current clinical projects.  It creates a learning platform for healthcare professionals to learn the new ways of improving and innovating their local needs and provides the network to share their similar interests.

Australasian Open Access Repositories (AOAR)

  The AOAR provides a list of all university research repositories in Australian and New Zealand and some governmental organisations' as well.

Australian Theses

  The Australian Theses Database provides the links to different Australian and New Zealand universities and search their respositories. 

Australian's National Research Organisation for Women's Safety (ANROWS)

  The ABROWS website provides information about women's safety and violence against women and their children.  It contains network database, resources database, research programs and funds, statistics, papers and other relevant information.

National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC)

  the NHMRC provides the information that supports health and medical research.  It also provides the information about funding, health ethics, guidelines and publications for health professionals.


PANDORA is Australia's Web Archive which was established by the National Library in 1996. The selective collection includes web publications and websites relating to Australia and Australians and materials that document the cultural, social and political life and actives of the Australian community.

Roadmap of Australian Research (ROAR)

  ROAR is Australia's online platform for people involved in primary health care research. It provides access to current and recently completed primary health care research projects, people and organisations which involved in Australian primary health care research.

Rural Health

National Rural Health Alliance 

  Including fact sheets, policy documents, conferences and seminars, this site supports equal health outcomes and quality health services for all Australians.


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