Search for Grey Literature

Grey literature can be located in government agencies websites, institutional and preprint repositories, university websites, library databases or search engines, e.g. Google Scholar.


Search strategies

  1. Identify keywords and terminology.

  2. Identifying organisations that have publications relating to research topic of your interest.  
  3. For examples,

    • government agencies
    • assoications and societies, and professional organisations
    • advocacy groups
    • non-profit or private organisations, e.g. research centres 

  4. Finding grey literature

    • Databases and library catalogues searching
    • Hand-searching and snowballing 
    • Personal communication (i.e. telephone, email, social media ... etc.)
    • Googling (Google, Google Scholar,Yahoo, Bing ... etc)
    • Search citations and indexs on the web (i.e. Web of Science, EndNote, ScienceDirect full text's content platform, Scopus)
    • Blog searching (LjSeek, IceRocket, Blogspot, Google)

  5. List databases that have been searched and when
    • List websites and blogs browsed
    • Record search terms, keywords, search stragies and limiters
    • Record number of hits (search results) and compare hits in other databases.
    • Documenting searches and search results on a checklist.

  6. Import citations into a bibliographic mangement tool, e.g. EndNote, RefWorks

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