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20172016 update of the principles of best practice: Wound infection in clinical practice consensus documentSwanson, Terry; Swanson, TerryConference Paper 
The Journal of Pathology - 2022 - Posner - A comparison of DNA sequencing and gene expression profiling to assist tissue of.pdf.jpgJan-2023A comparison of DNA sequencing and gene expression profiling to assist tissue of origin diagnosis in cancer of unknown primaryPosner, Atara; Prall, Owen Wj; Sivakumaran, Tharani; Etemadamoghadam, Dariush; Thio, Niko, et alJournal Article 
2019A focus on the triangle of wound assessment - Addressing the gap challenge and identifying suspected biofilm in clinical practiceDowsett, C.; Swanson, Terry; Karlsmark, T.; Swanson, TerryJournal Article 
2014A new hand enhances life for quadruple amputee: A single case studyAnjou, K.; Gibbs, J.; Purtell, D.; Morrison, W.Journal Article 
J of Gastro and Hepatol - 2015 -  - Gastrointestinal Cancer.pdf.jpg2015A regional experience of the national bowel cancer screening programVaughan, R.; Versace, Vincent L.; Morphett, B.Journal Article 
1999A severe case of post-antibiotic Clostridium difficile colitisBraniff, K.; Braniff, KathleenJournal Article 
2017A simple technique to reduce occlusion in three-way cathetersBoydell, M.; Mooney, B.; Boydell, M.; Mooney, BrendanJournal Article 
2019A Victorian clinician-based survey on current practices for breast cancer staging in pregnancyHerbison, Harriet; Miller, Abigail; Hart, Christopher D.; Hayes, Theresa; Shnier, Darryl, et alConference Paper 
2022Achieving equitable access to cancer care and clinical trials in regional Australia: A networked approach to expand capacity and implement COSA teletrials modelUnderhill, Craig; Long, Donna; Collins, Ian M.; Brown, Stephen; Harris, Samuel, et alConference Paper 
2020An observational study of the carbon footprint of rural interhospital patient transferKloot, Kate; Obst, Hannah-Lee; Hewson, Elvira; Baker, Tim; Obst, Hannah-Lee, et alConference Paper 
Jul-2022'Are we opening a can of worms?': Community-based occupational therapists' experiences working with clients with unexpected mental health issuesKing, Olivia; Ingwersen, Kate; Bufton, Brooke; Hitch, Danielle; Dupre, Brodie, et alJournal Article 
24th International Congress of the Transplantation Society. Berlin Germany.pdf.jpg2012Australia's First Hand Transplant: Outcome at 1 yearDwyer, Karen M.; Webb, Angela R.; Furniss, Hayley S.; Anjou, Katie E.; Purtell, D., et alConference Paper 
BMC Cancer - 2022 - Beyond standard data collection - the promise and potential of BRAIN.pdf.jpgJun-2022Beyond standard data collection - the promise and potential of BRAIN (Brain tumour Registry Australia INnovation and translation registry)Gately, Lucy; Drummond, Katherine; Rosenthal, Mark; Harrup, Rosemary; Dowling, Anthony, et alJournal Article 
2020Breaking down the barriers: a new collaborative model providing fertility care for young cancer patientsRozen, Genia; Sii, Stephanie; Agresta, Franca; Gook, Debra; Stern, Catharyn, et alJournal Article 
Mar-2021' ... breaks down silos': allied health clinicians' perceptions of informal interprofessional interactions in the healthcare workplaceKing, Olivia; Shaw, Nicole; King, OliviaJournal Article 
2017Busulfan is effective second-line therapy for older patients with Philadelphia-negative myeloproliferative neoplasms intolerant of or unresponsive to hydroxyureaDouglas, Genevieve; Harrison, Claire; Forsyth, Cecily; Bennett, Michael; Stevenson, William, et alJournal Article 
2018Cardiotoxicity in advanced HER2 positive breast cancer in real world Australian patients receiving HER2-targeted therapy in the first-line settingConduit, C.; King, Rossa; De Boer, Richard; Gibbs, Peter; Lok, Sheau Wen, et alConference Paper 
2022CDK4/6 Inhibitors (CKD4/6i) in advanced hormone-receptor-positive (HR+) HER2-negative (HER2-) breast cancer: Prescribing practices and outcomes in a real-world, Australian cohortJavaid, Anadil; Lok, Sheau Wen; Wong, Vanessa; Baron-Hay, Sally; Boyle, Fran, et alConference Paper 
2011Chest pain in rural communities; balancing decisions and distanceBaker, Tim; McCoombe, Scott; Mercer-Grant, Cate; Brumby, Susan; Baker, TimJournal Article 
New England Journal of Medicine - 2022 - Circulating Tumor DNA Analysis Guiding Adjuvant Therapy in Stage II Colon Cancer.pdf.jpgJun-2022Circulating Tumor DNA Analysis Guiding Adjuvant Therapy in Stage II Colon CancerTie, Jeanna; Cohen, Joshua D.; Lahouel, Kamel; Lo, Serigne N.; Wang, Yuxuan, et alJournal Article